July 9, 2006

Please everyone, FORGET ABOUT THE TUTORIALS ! They don’t work. Not even the ‘4 days on rails‘. At best they give you a glimpse of what is possible, but don’t for a minute assume you will be taking your first steps to learn the framework, let alone the language.

This Rails/Ruby thing is soooo big and soooo deep, you can’t possibly think you can ‘learn’ anything from a 4day, let alone a 30min intro.

Instead buy the books, only when I was about 1/3 through “Agile Web Development with Rails”, I started to consider making some applications. Finally I could start to understand what all this weird syntax and hocus pocus was about.

I think I may have done that out of frustration. I am probably not that intelligent that I understand it all at once. I took me ages to realy understand the rails model view controller, and where was what. I am still not quite sure how the controller bit relates to urls and pages and structure… I guess I’ll get that when I have developed my 4th app.

So I took once step back, no I took 2 steps back. I decided that I needed to understand Ruby before understanding Rails. I am not sure that that was the right thing. I have seen people delving in rails from day 1 and finding out the neat ruby tricks as they went along.

So after the few weeks restling at night with Ruby, my amazon order arrived with the shiny new rails book. Boy oh boy, how stupid I have been. Now things finally fell into place, there was some realy intelligent thinking in this thing. And above all it works.

So, if you ask me, spend time to decide on whether you want to go into rails or not using the tutorials. But they are like the shiny new sales brochure of the Formula 1 car in your local car dealer. Don’t think you can drive the beast just from looking at the brochure, use the brochure to decide if you are going to take the driving lessons or not. See you on the Formula 1 rails track. (argh, i have killed you with this one…)



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